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PE 200 Series Line Interactive UPS (600VA ~1500VA)

The PE 200 Series are cost-effective solutions for home computers, office equipments, SOHO, retail POS terminals, workstations and other electronic devices. Available with LED display panel or LCD display panel.

Features & Benefits:

  • UPS power range: 600VA ~1500VA
  • Available in LED or LCD display panel.
  • Microprocessor-based digital control
  • Highly synchronous transfer. Transfer time is less than 6ms.
  • Wide input range: 220V ± 25%
  • Fully AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation).
  • Cold start available
  • Strong generator compatibility, compatible with any brand generators.
  • Automatic battery charging in UPS off mode.
  • Surge protection.
  • With strong electromagnetism compatibility, no EM interference to load.
  • Self-detection on startup.
  • Battery replaceable without interruption Software monitoring feature (optional RS232 & USB port)
  • Many front panels and colors for your choice.
  • Adopt special-designed high quality, high performance UPS batteries
  • Full protection against over-high & over-low voltage fluctuations.

PE200N Series Advanced Line Interactive UPS (1000VA ~ 3000VA)

The PE200N Series are advanced line-interactive UPS with pure sine wave output. They are ideal for home computer, office equipments, SOHO, small scale exchange, retail POS terminals, workstations and other electronic devices. .

Features & Benefits:

  • UPS power range: 1KVA ~ 3KVA
  • Pure Sine Wave Output Waveform
  • Microprocessor-based Digital Control
  • Wide input voltage and frequency Range (165~280V, 45~65 Hz)
  • Self detection of input frequency (50Hz / 60Hz)
  • Battery self diagnosis
  • Full AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation).
  • Switch ON and OFF Automatically
  • Humanized Audio Alarm
  • Full Protection against Overload, Short Circuit, etc
  • High Speed of In-phase transfer
  • No Load Shut Off function In INV mode (optional)
  • Intelligent Communication Ports Available (RS232 / USB / SNMP)



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