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ME900II Tower Series UPS

The new 900II series HF online UPS is ideal for providing clean, well-regulated and stable power output to critical equipments in centralized server data center, mainframe computer center, network control center, and computing center, etc.

Main Features:

• Advanced DSP digital control technology
• High output power factor (PF = 0.8)
• High Input power factory (PF > 0.98)
• Digital Control for DC-DC Converter
• Green, environmental friendly model
• Wide input voltage range
• Perfect protection
• Cold start and mains power start function
• Generator friendly
• Zero transfer time
• Intelligent battery management
• User-Friendly human machine interface
• Powerful extensibility features (optional)
• Available power ratings: 1KVA, 2KVA, 3KVA, 6KVA and 10KVA


• ME900II Tower Specification PDF

• ME900II Tower Catalog


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