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Solar Line-interactive Inverters (1.2KVA ~ 8KVA)

Main Features:

  • Advanced line-interactive inverter with pure
  • Power Ratings: 1.2KVA, 2.4KVA, 3.6KVA, 5KVA, 6KVA and 8KV
  • Support solar panel
  • High quality pure sine-wave output for critical loads
  • Nominal voltage: 110/115/120V, or 220/230/240V (set via LCD).
  • Wide input voltage range: 60V~135V, or 120~270V
  • Wide input frequency range: 45 ~ 70 HZ; auto-sensing
  • Un-limited load applicability
  • Un-limited batteries backup time
  • 24 hours operation on the inverter
  • Multi-stage charger supports batteries up to 600AH for long running time
  • Compatible with both linear & non-linear load
  • Controllable & removable panel with LCD
  • Parameter Pre-settable
  • Low DC Voltage supports Office and Home appliances
  • DC start and automatic self-diagnostic function
  • High efficiency design to save electricity
  • Low heat dissipation in long time operation.
  • Designed to operate under harsh environment
  • Optional multiple interfaces cards available
  • CE, cUL & UL certified
• Solar Inverters Specifications PDF

• Solar Inverters Catalog


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