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Anti-Mite UV Sterilizing Cleaner

3 in 1 functions: shaking up dust, sterilizing, vacuuming

The Anti-Mite UV Sterilizing cleaner will remove dust mite and other allergens from fabrics. It is designed to clean beds, linens, mattresses, sofas, chairs, futons, crib pads, bedding, pillows and curtains. There are no harmful chemicals.

Help to create a healthier home. Good housekeeping tool for pet owner.

It works in three ways:

#1 Shake dust mites and allergens free from fabrics via 4,500 rotation vibrations per minute.

#2 Sterilized surface with 12 Watts Ultraviolet Light (UV).

#3 Vacuum functions if connects to vacuum cleaner hose. Hose adaptor with diameter 1.38 (35mm) fits all major brands vacuum cleaners.


* 12 Watt UV light

* 3 units of AAA 1.5V batteries included

* Two sizes 1.26/1.38 inches (32MM/35MM) hose diameter adaptor

* UV light coverage width: 6 inches (15cm)

* Vibration rotor width: 9 inches (23cm)

Read the User Manual (pdf)